Interested in Being A LouCity Lady?

LouCity Ladies was established as an unofficial women’s supporters group (SG) for Louisville City FC in 2018. With the addition in 2020 of the NWSL team, Racing Louisville FC, it was decided that LouCity Ladies would become an official supporters group for both Louisville City FC and Racing Louisville FC. 

By establishing a supporters group for women, trans women, and femmes we strive to provide a safe environment for women who love soccer.  We will give women a platform to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns about not only our soccer community but the Louisville community as well.

Membership is for all women, as defined above, over the age of 10. Voting rights are invoked at the age of 18. Dues are set at $5.50 for the 2020 season with monies from membership fees donated monthly to a charity decided by a majority vote of the board. Membership includes:

  • access to SG only events sponsored by LCL or Soccer Holdings LLC
  • eligibility to run for a board position if you are at least 18 years of age and have been a paid member for two seasons
  • access to LouCity Ladies SG scarves and any merchandise the board deems SG specific
  • exclusive access to SG member-only Facebook group and private members-only website page.

If you are enthusiastic about what you’ve read so far and would like to join our community, please see the section below for how to become a member!

Become a Member!

If you would like to become a LouCity Ladies member, please send an email to with the following information:

First and Last Name

Email Address

How did you hear about the LouCity Ladies?

Are you a Racing Louisville FC and/or Louisville City FC Season Ticket holder?

Verify your identity with a Social Media Link or Referrer

(Since we are a female/femme only membership, please provide verification of your identity.)