Interested in Being A LouCity Lady?

As a supporters group for women, trans women, and femmes only, we strive to provide a safe environment for women who love soccer and those new to soccer.  

Membership is for all women, as defined above, over the age of 8.

Voting rights invoked at age 18.

Dues are set at $5.50 for the 2022 season  Membership includes:

  • Membership card with discounts from the businesses on the Partnership page
  • Access to SG members only merchandise
  • Exclusive access to SG members only Facebook group, private Discord servers and a monthly newsletter to keep up with all things SG related
  • Eligibility to run for board positions according to the Bylaws
  • Access to SG members only information, events and away trips/tickets sponsored by LCL and/or Soccer Holdings LLC

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