• Favorite Past LouCity Player: Scott Goodwin
  • Favorite Current LouCity Player: cannot decide on just one
  • Favorite EPL Team: Manchester City
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Crystal Dunn
  • Member Since: the beginning, I think

About Rebecca

Rebecca became a soccer/football fan in early 2014 after meeting someone from Manchester who explained the game to her.

In May of 2014, she met a charming fellow named Ken who also loved soccer (he was a lifelong fan of the other Manchester team, but this did not derail their relationship). Ken encouraged Rebecca to join The Coopers, a newly formed group trying to get a pro soccer team to come to Louisville.

As soccer became a bit of an obsession, Ken and
Rebecca spent many nights on their deck writing songs that could be sung at future games. Despite the great number of songs they wrote for the first season, very few survive to this day.

Ken, being the boisterous type, was one of the first capos. Since Rebecca wanted to be near him at games, she stood near the drums in the supporter’s section. Then one fateful day, she was asked to play…and she’s been banging away on a barrel drum ever since.


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