• Favorite LouCity Player: This frequently changes but right now it is Wes Charpie
  • Favorite EPL Team: Arsenal (It is the hope that kills you)
  • Favorite Racing Player: Cheyna Matthews
  • Member Since: Since it was an idea in her head

About Michele

Michele was born and raised just south of Louisville in Hardin County.

She joined the army right out of high school and spent the next 20+ years traveling the country and the world.

After she retired in El Paso, Texas, she decided to move her family back to Kentucky.

Michele grew to love soccer through her youngest son, Zachary, who started playing at age 6 and instantly became a fan of the game.

He plays, refs, coaches and obsesses over watching his favorite teams. His obsession became her obsession and they now attend as many home and away games as they can and have even travelled to watch some of their favorite former LouCity players play elsewhere

Michele loves to travel and being able to visit new places and catch a soccer game while there is always an added bonus.

Michele has been a LouCity season ticket holder since the end of 2015 and is a founding member for Racing Louisville.

She, along with Kathy Rein and a couple others who are no longer around, breathed the LouCity Ladies into existence and she is still in awe of how it has grown in 3 years.


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