• Favorite LouCity Player: up until last season, I would have instantly said McMahon… but now I am struggling between him and Bone.
  • Favorite Racing Player: Betos and Yuki
  • Favorite EPL Team: Chelsea FC… but love FC Bayern Munich, not EPL but…
  • Member Since: 2020

About Christi

Christi was born in Cincinnati, raised in Louisville. She learned a bunch about soccer through her high school Geometry teacher and learned to really enjoy the sport watching Louisville Thunder and high school soccer through the mid-late 80’s.

She spent 23.5 years active duty Navy, with 14 years in Hawaii having a family and enjoying beautiful weather. They used that time to expose their daughter to soccer, and her love of the game grew stronger as she began to love the game.

When Christi retired and moved to Louisville in 2015, she went with her family to their first LouCity game and never looked back. Took the season ticket plunge in 2018 and have not missed a home game since. She was fortunate enough to learn about all the behind the scenes efforts while being on The Supporter Advisory Board for last season.

Christi is currently employed with the Department of Veterans Affairs and enjoys working with and for Veterans. Along with being a local soccer fanatic, she is an avid reader, loves a good barbeque, is a dog lover and loves camping on non home game day weekends..


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