• Favorite LouCity Player: How can she narrow it down to just one! Cameron Lancaster if  shehad to pick!
  • Favorite EPL Team: Chelsea FC (Duh)
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Nadia Nadim
  • Member Since: 2020

About Chelsea

Chelsea’s fascination with soccer didn’t originate until meeting her boyfriend, Tyler in 2020. He recruited her the moment he said one of the teams colors were purple… SOLD, sign her up! After going to a few games Chelsea really started picking up the soccer lingo and enjoyed the camaraderie amongst fellow soccer fans. Soccer games get intense on and off the pitch; it’s an adrenaline feel of emotions for Chelsea, watching the players give it their all on the pitch and the crowd of fans screaming the chants to get their team to the ninety minute mark.

Of course, when Louisville announced there was going to be a NWSL team started right in Chelsea’s backyard, it was a no brainer that Tyler and her were going to be season ticket holders. Chelsea’s now on a mission to convert her friends to “real” football fan status.

Fun fact about Chelsea, she is royalty. Yes, Lady Chelsea McIntosh to be exact is her title in Scotland. Chelsea’s got a real addiction to naps, a good taco, lemon drop martinis and a good Sunday Netflix binge session. When Chelsea’s not enjoying those vices previously mentioned she works as a real estate agent, here in Louisville. Chelsea currently holds one of the Member at Large positions for LouCity Ladies, Social Media Manager.


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