• Favorite LouCity Player: Niall McCabe
  • Favorite EPL Team: Manchester United
  • Favorite NWSL Player: No one Yet!
  • Member Since: FIRST member!

About Kathy

Kathy was born and raised in Louisville and Floyds Knobs, IN. She currently lives in Charlestown, IN.

She had been following soccer loosely in the late 90s, then really started getting more interested by following international soccer and the US National teams after the US Women’s 1999 Olympic win.

Kathy is a Louisville City FC and Racing Louisville FC season ticket holder from the beginning.

She loves being a drummer with the Coopers and helping with making tifos!


  • Favorite LouCity Player: Oscar Jiminez
  • Favorite EPL Team: Arsenal
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Rose Lavelle
  • Member Since: The Beginning!

About Brianna

Brianna was born and raised in Louisville. She fell in love with soccer in elementary school when she was the only girl on her school’s soccer team.

In college she started following the USMNT, then when her son, Landon was born they started watching the Premier League and became Arsenal fans.

She has been a Louisville City FC fan from the beginning and can’t wait for Racing Louisville FC games to start!

Her son, Landon, is a part of the Louisville City Youth Academy.

She loves attending games with her husband Patrick (who is a drummer for the Cooper’s), and her kids Landon and Luna.