• Favorite LouCity Player: tie between Brian Ownby & Niall McCabe. Early in the club they went bowling with Brian and he’s just so nice. She loves that he will always stop to take photos and when he was injured was mingling with fans in the stands. Niall is a riot- and will always speak his mind!
  • Favorite EPL Team: what’s that?- She’s watched a few games at Saints and would to catch a live game in their future travels to Europe.
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Jorian Baucom and energy she brings to the game!
  • Member Since: July 2021



About Ashley

Ashley’s interest in soccer is all because of her husband- he is a huge soccer fan and couldn’t wait for a team. He signed up for season tickets as soon as they were available. He got her a season ticket and she wondered how often I would go.

The rest is history as they’ve never had another discussion about season tickets. She never would have dreamed she would enjoy a live game as much as she does – the energy of the stadium is amazing on game day!  They hardly miss a game planning around vacations, even catching the second half after a wedding!




  • Favorite LouCity Player: Chris Hubbard
  • Favorite Racing Player: Katie Lund
  • Favorite EPL Team: Manchester United
  • Member Since: April 2021

About Jen

Jen grew up in Louisville and graduated from Male High School. Her and her husband, Brandon, have three children; Mikayla (16), Natalie (15), and Austin (13). 

She was first introduced to soccer when her youngest began playing in a recreational league nearly 7 years ago. Her husband was the Assistant Coach and still coaches various games. 

Jen’s youngest two children play in competitive clubs here locally, as well as for their school teams. Her son holds the position of goalie for both his club and school teams and Jen will be the first to tell you that this is the most stressful position for any parent. It’s also why her favorite LouCity and Racing players are keepers. 


Her and her family are season ticket holders for both LouCity and Racing, although her kids tend to hog them so they can take their friends to the games. 
Jen works in Donor Relations for a large non-profit and also currently holds one of the Member At Large positions for LouCity Ladies, chairing the Charity committee. 


  • Favorite LouCity Player:  So many of them! She admires Sean Tostch and his reliability and leadership in the back. She likes the ability of JoGo as an attacking defender and the opportunities he creates. She is entertained most by Brian Ownby and is inspired by his determination and grit.
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Nadia Nadeem… she is inspirational and someone she would be honored to speak to in person. Her life experience combined with her soccer talent and determination on the pitch, make her totally unique.
  • Member Since: July 2021

About Krista

Has been a supporter since the start. She is an inaugural season ticket holder for both Lou City and Racing. 

Soccer is life. Their lives revolve around soccer. Former players that can’t get enough of the game. LouCity and Racing games. University of Louisville games. Adult league indoor and outdoor games. MVP soccer practice and travel games. Vacations based around seeing games (all over the world). The list goes on. They are strong supporters of their city and their various sports teams, and just enjoy playing sports, being outdoors, and watching local comedy and theater. 




  • Favorite LouCity Player: One of the only original players left, Naill McCabe.
  • Favorite EPL Team: AFC Richmond as long as Ted Lasso is coaching. Haha.
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Yuki for Dat humor
  • Member Since: 2019

About Sandy

Born in Seoul, South Korea. Military brat bouncing around from West Germany (before the wall came down) and Fort Knox until adopted in 1988. From there,  grew up in small town of Hawesville, KY. Played summer and high school softball,  a few years of cheerleading, marching band and pep band. We didn’t have a soccer team but now that I love the game,  I really wish we had. 

After high school,  moved to Massachusetts for a few years and slowly made her way back to Kentucky. Fell in love with Louisville. Has 3 kids:  Norah,  16. Twins Carter and Elliot, 14. Carter got into soccer at age 5 because his step-father Jeremy played when he was growing up.  He quickly took to the game and played for several years until the pandemic hit. Sandy really misses getting out to his games and watching him play,  going to tournaments,  etc. Sandy also misses being the team manager (sort of).

Sandy also volunteerd as a foster mom for Boston Terrier Rescue of Eastern Tennessee, KY Division. Sandy currently holds the position of Treasurer for the LouCity Ladies. She is a huge supporter of our local food scene, and knows a few of the chefs here in town and she is always available to give recommendations on where to get the best meals and drinks in town.

Sandy is an LCFC season ticket holder since 2019 but the have been avid supporters from the start, and are inaugural season ticket holders for Racing. 


  • Favorite LouCity Player: This frequently changes but right now it is Wes Charpie
  • Favorite EPL Team: Arsenal (It is the hope that kills you)
  • Favorite Racing Player: Cheyna Matthews
  • Member Since: Since it was an idea in her head

About Michele

Michele was born and raised just south of Louisville in Hardin County.

She joined the army right out of high school and spent the next 20+ years traveling the country and the world.

After she retired in El Paso, Texas, she decided to move her family back to Kentucky.

Michele grew to love soccer through her youngest son, Zachary, who started playing at age 6 and instantly became a fan of the game.

He plays, refs, coaches and obsesses over watching his favorite teams. His obsession became her obsession and they now attend as many home and away games as they can and have even travelled to watch some of their favorite former LouCity players play elsewhere

Michele loves to travel and being able to visit new places and catch a soccer game while there is always an added bonus.

Michele has been a LouCity season ticket holder since the end of 2015 and is a founding member for Racing Louisville.

She, along with Kathy Rein and a couple others who are no longer around, breathed the LouCity Ladies into existence and she is still in awe of how it has grown in 3 years.