• Favorite LouCity Player: Of all time? Sean Reynolds. Current? Oscar. Maybe. Her head is exploding trying to decide!
  • Favorite EPL Team: She prefers Serie A – Juventus
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Yuki
  • Member Since: 2018? 

About Kelly

Kelly was born and raised in Louisville. Her interest in soccer came from her son Jack, now 13, who began playing at age 3. She and her husband Kyle took Jack to his first Louisville City FC game in May of 2015, and the whole family was hooked after that (though her younger son Nicholas’ interest in the game is mostly centered around the food served)! 

Not satisfied with only being season ticket holders themselves, the Dettlingers also recruited their best friends and Kelly’s parents to the madness of soccer.

Kelly loves her dog Jonesie, Halloween, Harry Potter, jigsaw puzzles, and the beach. She’s a self-proclaimed nerd with social anxiety, so you’ll often find her in the corner of a party with a book or silently analyzing everyone else.

Kelly currently holds the position of Secretary for the LouCity Ladies, with a focus on the Welcome Bag and Charity committees. While she works in the technology field, charity and community relations are her volunteer focus.