• Favorite LouCity Player: tie between Brian Ownby & Niall McCabe. Early in the club they went bowling with Brian and he’s just so nice. She loves that he will always stop to take photos and when he was injured was mingling with fans in the stands. Niall is a riot- and will always speak his mind!
  • Favorite EPL Team: what’s that?- She’s watched a few games at Saints and would to catch a live game in their future travels to Europe.
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Jorian Baucom and energy she brings to the game!
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About Ashley

Ashley’s interest in soccer is all because of her husband- he is a huge soccer fan and couldn’t wait for a team. He signed up for season tickets as soon as they were available. He got her a season ticket and she wondered how often I would go.

The rest is history as they’ve never had another discussion about season tickets. She never would have dreamed she would enjoy a live game as much as she does – the energy of the stadium is amazing on game day!  They hardly miss a game planning around vacations, even catching the second half after a wedding!