• Favorite LouCity Player:  So many of them! She admires Sean Tostch and his reliability and leadership in the back. She likes the ability of JoGo as an attacking defender and the opportunities he creates. She is entertained most by Brian Ownby and is inspired by his determination and grit.
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Nadia Nadeem… she is inspirational and someone she would be honored to speak to in person. Her life experience combined with her soccer talent and determination on the pitch, make her totally unique.
  • Member Since: July 2021

About Krista

Has been a supporter since the start. She is an inaugural season ticket holder for both Lou City and Racing. 

Soccer is life. Their lives revolve around soccer. Former players that can’t get enough of the game. LouCity and Racing games. University of Louisville games. Adult league indoor and outdoor games. MVP soccer practice and travel games. Vacations based around seeing games (all over the world). The list goes on. They are strong supporters of their city and their various sports teams, and just enjoy playing sports, being outdoors, and watching local comedy and theater.