• Favorite LouCity Player: TBD
  • Favorite Racing Player: TBD, but shoutout to Kirsten Davis and Sarah Sodoma. Two players I played against in high school.
  • Favorite EPL Team: City or Liverpool
  • Favorite NWSL Player: Becky Sauerbrunn
  • Member since: November 2020.

About Katie

Katie played YMCA soccer for a couple of years before moving to Sweden and then Switzerland, where her passion for the sport took off. She played every day at recess and would spend hours after school doing drills in the yard and learning through Youtube videos.

Her first club team was a Swiss boy’s team, so she was the only girl. Most of her friends were Barcelona fans, so Katie became one too. She was particularly drawn to Messi since they’re both lefty’s.

Katie’s first live game was Barcelona vs Valencia in 2010 at the Camp Nou when they still had Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol, and Messi among others. A year later, she started following the women’s game and the USWNT in their 2011 WC campaign.

HAO’s rocket versus Columbia and Abby’s infamous header had her *hooked*. She has been a fan ever since and attended the 2015 and 2019 WC Finals with her family.

Currently, Katie is a junior, an Econ/Finance and Spanish double major, and plays D3 for Centre College in Danville, KY.

She is hoping to use that degree and her soccer experiences to find a career that keeps her close to the sport. Recently, she also started customizing shoes with a Racing Lou FC-inspired design and is floored by the attention that it’s receiving!

Katie is hoping to see some fans wearing them at Lynn Family Stadium this year!