LouCity Lady Capos!

If you missed last Wednesday’s game then you missed a phenomenon. One we haven’t seen at a LouCity game to date. Two of our LouCity Ladies were on the Capo stand leading our fans in cheering on that 4-1 victory over Sporting KC II.

Melissa Potter was the very first woman Capo for the Coopers and is also one of the founding members for the LouCity Ladies. She is currently serving overseas with her wife, Angie, but her legacy lives on. Melissa left a void in the Capo Corp, especially one for female representation, that Katie Harper wanted to fill.

Katie received a lot of encouragement from the Capos, including her husband, to get up on the stand.  Katie says she was nervous about stepping up into the spotlight because she’s generally a very quiet and shy person but loves “building the energy in the stadium to encourage our boys to keep fighting on the field. I don’t participate to be in the spotlight. I genuinely love our team and our fans and just want to try to do my part to make the game-day experience fun and entertaining both on and off the field.”

Photo Credit: Mandy Sullivan

“(Jorge) said I’ve been ‘training’ for years and that I’m ready. It’s one thing being in the front of the crowd dancing, yelling, and singing loud with your back turned, but facing the other way with eyes on you was kind of intimidating. Last night there were only 3 Capos present, so I thought I’d step up and offer some relief to them…, so I said, ‘What the Heck? And Jorge’s gonna be mad he’s not here tonight to see this!”…But I did it, and it wasn’t so bad. Climbing down the stand in my boot was scary though!”

– Jessica

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About Kathy

Kathy was born and raised in Louisville and Floyds Knobs, IN. She currently lives in Charlestown, IN.

She had been following soccer loosely in the late 90s, then really started getting more interested by following international soccer and the US National teams after the US Women’s 1999 Olympic win.

Kathy is a Louisville City FC and Racing Louisville FC season ticket holder from the beginning.

She loves being a drummer with the Coopers and helping with making tifos!